Berserker is a lone wandering warrior-for-hire. Though he operates as a mercenary, money is never his real concern- the fight is what he lives for, what truly drives him ever onward. His real name, age and origin are still unknown. Berserker is a fearless warrior who is battle-tested and hardened; in combat, his fury sends him into a trancelike state which lasts until the bloody melee is over. If the Berserker has been hired to hunt you down… there is no corner of the planet to which he won’t go to find you. Fear the Berserker and hope that you are able to hire him before your enemies do.

  • First Released: April 2013
  • Height: 14″
  • Material: Sofubi
  • Sculpted By: Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Leviathan Far Offshore version01