Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Designs that would make your 9-year-old self freak out!
What is Mutant Vinyl Hardcore?
My name is Rich Montanari Jr (aka LASH or LAstdyingwiSH), and I’m the owner/operator of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Toy Co. I’m happy to say I am also the lead sculptor, painter, and package designer behind just about everything the company produces. MVH is art based on Horror, Monster, Sci-Fi and Fantasy culture, filtered through my warped mind and presented to you in the Japanese-originated soft vinyl toy format known as sofubi.

I’ve collected toys for as long as I can remember- from He-Man to Star Wars to dollar store bootlegs, you name it, I’ve collected it. As a kid, I developed a fascination with toys as an art form, and that fascination has never left me. I’ve found it to be a medium that virtually anyone can relate to and connect with; people from all walks of life just love toys! Every time I find myself discussing toys and/or sharing my own work, people just light up. I try to bring that love and quality of experience to everything I do under the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore banner.

After many successful years of custom-painting vinyl toys, I set out on a journey to make toy designs of my own. My intention was to capture my childhood influences while incorporating aspects of my new-found loves from the Japanese kaiju and yokai realms. In 2010, I came up with my first two original designs: the small, grinning monster named Sludge Demon and the giant Cyclopean beast Ollie. Each year since has seen new MVH designs and products, along with some great collaborations.

My goal with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is to make toys which, while highly original, pay deep tribute to the Japanese and American toys that changed my life. I produce top-quality, vividly painted soft vinyl toys with the hope that they generate the same rich excitement you experienced as a kid playing with your monster toys… designs that would make your 9-year-old self freak out!

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore – Mutants In Vinyl Form – Hardcore Collector For Life
Rich Painting

Rich painting at his studio in Connecticut.