Unpainted Glow Toxigon


The first release of Toxigon from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is upon us.

The 100% brand new hand sculpted toy from head to toe since the DX from MVH is finally here !

From the depths of oceans world wide comes the horrible monster mankind has created known as Toxigon.

This chunky piece of vinyl comes in standing in a tad over 11 inches tall, with 9 points of articulation a weapon  and his trusty buddy Mackerel Mouth its for a sure blast to play with.

Speaking of which, Mackerel moth , an original 80’s gross out toy, is pulled from an original breath blaster mold which is now owned by MVH !

This first “Unpainted before the mold is broke” release is cast in straight up classic glow in the dark vinyl.

Explained shortly, during the wax phase there was a slight over shrinkage in the casting resulting in a slightly smaller tail than was sculpted and only caught after it passed mold stage. Before we destroy and replace the existing tail mold we decided to pull 2 runs, this unpainted glow being the first. Surely to be special in the long run, because what we pull now before the tail mold is destroyed will be that.

All vinyl is in hand now, and will be shipped out next week!


  • Cast in good ol fashion glow in the dark vinyl.
  • Each Toxigon comes with his trusty fish stick weapon and his good buddy Mackerel Mouth as  free omake, plus a few other special extras like always !