Skull Brain All Stars Death Head DX


This release had been a long long time in the making. A while ago I had the idea to invite some long time SB toy painters that I’ve always admired to come together and each paint 5 figures to compile up a full sized run. As the project grew I ended up gathering original art from other SB members as well as silkscreen work to really create a total package. The project took a bit of time but came together rather smoothly and I’m very proud of how it all turned out.


  • Cast in royal purple vinyl
  • 6 different color ways, 5 from SB artist listed as well as myself.
  • Painted in multiple ways and multiple colors. This is the first time I can remember this being done!
  • Limited to 1 per person and at a retail of $100.00. I wanted to keep the run price low so to help get these artist pieces out there.
  • Silk screened headers
  • Released April, 2013


To see more of each artist please click on their name to be taken to either their blogs or websites. I’m very proud to have known these artist for some years now and even more so to have had the pleasure to work with them all on this project.