Sam Heinous 2014


Fuck that, October has 32 days this month and MVH is declaring today Sam Heinous day!

Well, okay that may be too much, but in any event Halloween isn’t over until Sam Heinous says it is, and today is the day he’s getting his due.

Since were already running behind lets get to the meat and potatoes.

Details and all that fun stuff:

Sam 3 ways, all pretty much the hard way….

Like all years previous there will be 2 versions, the regular and the more limited chase.

Both will come with the bootleg Michael Myers pewter knife with hemp wrapped handle.

This year the solo Sam Heinous head which I’m dubbing “Bone Head” , as you may have noticed,  has his own bootleg touchy feelers, can you guess where their ripped from, here is a hint “Sam ain’t afraid of no ghosts !”

The solo head will be offered to lottery winners first, and random at that, then left overs will go into the shop.

Detail by details….

Regular release info “Bleeding Ghost:
Beautiful Milky Clear vinyl painted bright blood red inside exposing all the deep crannies of the Sam Heinous DX texture. The outside is painted in a rub treatment of olive green and clear yellow with slight maroon mimicking rotting flesh along with blue and ivory details. Against the inside red painted parts it pulls off a very unique paint app. Hold him up to a light source and it feels like its still alive!

Chase release info “8 Bit Hack”:
Painted rub on a vibrant blue vinyl, in blue and purple with hot pink and green details. Need I say any more?

“Bone Head” release info:
Bone color vinyl, with a murky monster green paint rub with slight burgundy tones. Orange boils, ivory worms and duck egg green teeth. This guy comes with white resin arms with matching paint app.


  • Regular run cast in milky clear white vinyl
  • Chase run cast in blue vinyl
  • Bone head offered to select lottery winners first.