Coral Inferno Ollie


Ollie is back to kick off the launch of the all new and official MVH website! Like a leviathan rising from the warm waters of Hawaii this vibrant beast is here to quench that vinyl thirst.
Cast in beautiful milky semi-translucent vinyl with infused silver pearl this is the most beautiful vinyl I’ve ever had the chance to paint. I used opaque aqua blue with metallic aqua green, accented with hot pink and silver detail. I’m very happy with the complex-yet-simple paint job of this Ollie and hope you agree.

In addition to this lottery, you might want to keep an eye on the web shop Saturday night. You never know what may pop up to accompany this neon monster.

Also, now that we’re official, all lotteries are all fully internal. No more need to compose an email and all that mess. Just fill out the form below and await your fate. How sweet is that?! The form is fully automated and only available while lotteries are open, then hidden once entry is closed. No more worrying about when to send. If you see the page open, just fill out the form and you’re entered!

Thanks for looking and good luck!


  • Cast in milky white vinyl with infused silver pearling
  • Painted in aqua green and blue with hot pink and red details